Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I was reading india daily when a article caught my eye by a seo expert from Sheffield.. Sheffield is near where I live funny enough small world I guess. Anyway this guy from Sheffield was talking about how you need a seo expert to do your seo for you whilst you concentrate on making your business and I couldn't agree more with him. Also on the same post the Sheffield local also mentioned about negative seo and how it is in google best interest that small businesses do fail and I am right with him on that I do believe that small businesses are failing to start and google and other search engines are cashing in on this.. negative seo.. something that benefits the search engines. Anyway I couldn't agree more with the points this guy is making, I think also if my memory serves me right he mentioned how search engines cannot read so cannot know what is quality content! Hes right other wise the search engines would create there own content instead and there wouldn't be a need for searching for anything. I actually dont do seo professionally only on my few personally blogs I run so if i was ever hit by a google penalty I wouldn't really care but many other webmasters do care because they are getting hit and its their businesses that are getting ruined not some personal blog.........I call for political action but considering that politicians are moron liberals then i guess nothing is gonna change when it should because most shopping is now done sadly online.


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