Monday, 29 July 2013

How to travel around the city.

City's are becoming more and more congested as the populations of these citys expands.. transportation centres and services are being pushed to their limits day in and day out... Not only is this a unsustable economica crisis wating to happen but it also unsustable for the enviroment too as many cars pump out a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That is why councils and transport centres are coming together to come up new and good ways to help protect the enviroment and stop the congestion on our roads. Some ideas that HAVE CAME ABOUT ARE TO INCREASE CONGESTION TAX CHARGES HOWEVER THIS HAS BEEN PROOVED UNPOPULAR AMONG THE PUBLIC. Other ways that have been suggested is to make it easyier and better for people to walk, run and cycle places in the city's. Councils and the government are helping this by adding new cycle paths that are free from congestion and make it easyier to travel around the citys.

Not only does cycling and running to work in the morning and at the end of the day saves you petrol if you take the car and even parking fees.. or if you take public transport to work it will save you the expense of that too but running and cycling can keep you fit and healthy.. helping you to live longer and a much better life too with more energy.

Running and cycling doesn't cost you much at all only the cost to get started ie a pair of running shoes and arch support insoles if you are running places in the city which help to protect the feet whilst you run and also prevent the onset of annoying and sometimes painful foot cramp after you have ran... Some running insoles can be bought for less than £10... and fit into any of your old trainers but make your old trainers as if they where brand new and comfortable again to wear with some good running insoles which you can get here. Bicycles are also a one time expense.. and car not that much money compared to the car and you do not have to keep on refueling it too.

So why not run places to work with a good pair of running shoes and insoles and or take a bike ride instead its up too you.. keep active, healthy and motivated before and after you go to work!

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