Monday, 29 July 2013

There are new idea about transport that are being thought of each day? But will we really one day be travling to different places in hover cars? Travel to different planets in a couple of hours? Or even teleport places? Well some would not have believed you fi you told a person 200 years ago that we in the future would be travelling in cars but we are!
Well we do not know what the future really does hold but its about expense really... Scientists can make anything if they are given enough time and money... but seeing as a recession is upon us science has been brought to a Holt for the time being... I know its stupid but that just how the economy works... the rich want to protect there wealth so they make sure they stop everything else whilst they try and secure their own wealth... Something is obviously flawed there... anyway why not comment below and tell us what you think transport will be like in the future?


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