Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Transport from your own private car to public transport is far to expensive. Take for example owning your own car you must pay for car insurance, road tax. petrol, mot's and other expenses not to mention the huge expense of actually buying the car... with petrol prices increasing and the government increasing car taxes like congestion charges will mean nobody can afford to pay for a car especially younger drivers who's car insurance just because they are young is astronomically high... they are basically being robbed by the insurance companies and getting away with it. Public transport is no better... All this means that the United kingdom becomes immobile and the economy becomes stagnant. Not good if you ask me....... THANKS GOVERNMENT YOU TOOLS! comment BELOW IF YOU RECKON THAT TRANSPORT COSTS WAY TO MUCH HERE IN ENGLAND OR IF YOU LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY TELLS US MORE ABOUT YOUR TRANSPORT AND WHETHER OR NOT IT COSTS A LOT THEIR?


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