Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bing has said that they are making changes... big changes that will make bing so much better.. some say that these new changes will make bing.. IN and a real competitor to google. Some people actually to hope that this will be the case as more search engines competing against google will mean more traffic to websites from alternative search engines and due to the fact that google has been on a mad war against small businesses and websites this is something that MANY people want! Go bing that's what I say.... It is about time some other search engine gets power.. even if it is Microsoft. The only concern i have though with bing taking over is that bing is slower to find, crawl and index new website.. bringing in the question whether scraper websites have a better chance of ripping and posting new wbesite content as their own and bing seeing them as the orginal posters and not the real authors.... lets hope this wont be the case and bing can combat this.


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