Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What insoles should you buy if you are a runner?

Good question, well let me first talk about special running insoles that should be the first type of insoles you try.. buying a pair only costs about £10 at some online retailers that price even icludes shipping... more to the point though running insoles are for runners! Designed by runners themselves many running insoles have been tested in all sorts of running scenarios from running up hills to running down hills side... long distance to sprinting running insoles really have been tested to the max with some quite startling results too... As running insoles are meant for running providing comfort even when traveling at speed means running insoles are your best bet.

Arch support insoles are also another alternative to running insoles but these insoles focus mainly on supporting the arch of the foot... But what is now available is all in one running arch support insoles that are meant to be ran in and offer arch support too... so the choice really is yours.. the all in one insoles usually though cost a bit extra.


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